Modelik 12_09 STAR 20 CI石AR覹KA

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Proizvo餫: Modelik
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﹊fra proizvoda:mod12_09
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Dodato je u katalog:21.12.2009

Star 20 is a Polish road truck produced by Fabryka Samochodow (FSC) "Star" in Starachowice. The first copies of this vehicle were built in 1948, and serial production was carried out in 1948-1957. The vehicle was powered by a single 85hp S42 gasoline engine.

Star 20 was the first mass-produced truck in Poland after the end of World War II. Work on this car started in mid-1946 and involved numerous plants and research centers, including: CKB-5 in sd, FSC factory in Starachowice, Experimental Plant in Ursus and Zak砤dy Wyrob體 Metalowych in Kielce. The first cars were presented in December 1948. Due to the high pace of development works, the Star 20 had some disadvantages, most of all it had not the best driving dynamics, it had a short wheelbase, which had a negative effect on the stability of the car, and it was also powered by a gasoline-consuming engine. In subsequent versions, however, efforts were made to correct these shortcomings. Overall, however, the Star 20 turned out to be a successful design with good payload and at least good reliability. Two main development models were produced in the course of production: Star C60 (truck tractor) and Star W14 (dumper truck).

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Dodato je u katalog: 21.12.2009
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