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NEW! Sklej Model 39 IC 6300 'Wyspianski' - Fast Train

IC 6300 Wyspianski - Fast Train - Image 1
Skala: 1:87
Proizvođač: Sklej Model
Šifra proizvoda: SKL39
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ProizvođačSklej Model
Šifra proizvoda:SKL39
Težina0.11 kg
Dodato je u katalog:21.6.2024

Cardboard Model Nr. 39 (4/2024) IC INTERCITY "Wyspianski" Fast Train

  • format 22 x 32 cm
  • 1 sheet of general notes and construction description
  • 5 sheets with assembly drawings
  • 6 sheets of cardboard for cutting out
  • black and white "line" assembly drawings - 70 drawings
  • offset printing
  • computer preparation - author Jerzy Janukowicz
  • scale 1:87 (H0)

A cardboard model for assembling.

Length of the model after assembly - 107 cm.

The model contains a cardboard model to be glued together, presenting the fast train of the carrier IC INTERCITY "Wyspianski" between Wroclaw - Przemysl Gl.

The following coaches and locomotive can be made from the model:

  • Locomotive EP09-046
  • Passenger car 1st class A9nouz
  • 2nd class passenger coach B10mnopuz
  • Sleeping car WLAB10mouz

Pafawag 104E (another designation: EP09 series) is a series of standard-gauge electric locomotives, which was produced in the years 1986-1997 at the Pafawag plant in Wrocław. In total, 47 locomotives of this type were built for PKP. The service weight of a single locomotive is 83.5 tons, and its length with buffers is 16.74 m. The average of the wheels is 1250 mm, with the Bo'Bo 'axis system.

EP09 series locomotives were designed at the Tabor Research and Development Center in Poznań until 1981, but the first prototype produced in Pafawag was not built until 1986. The delay can be explained, for example, by the poor condition of the Polish economy at that time or the turmoil in ties with martial law (1981-1983). The first examples of this design were plagued by numerous "childhood diseases" such as cracking engine supports or failures in the electrical system. Over time, these problems were resolved, but it significantly delayed the implementation of the new locomotive for the PKP rolling stock. It is worth adding that the scope of - smaller or larger - design changes as well as modernization was so significant that it is difficult to find two identical Pafawag 104E locomotives. Since 2009, this type of locomotive has been operated by PKP Intercity.

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Dodato je u katalog: 21.6.2024
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Skala: 1:87
Proizvođač: Sklej Model
Šifra proizvoda: SKL38
Dostupnost: dostupan!

884.14 RSD ili 4600 bod.